Social Dreaming Training 2022 | international edition

A professional Training Program
for Hosting, Application and Research in Social Dreaming


Franca Fubini formerly Chair of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation, is now Chair of Social Dreaming international Network and Vice Chair of Il Nodo Group. She trained and worked with Gordon Lawrence since the 80’s. Gordon Lawrence, Lilia Baglioni, and Franca Fubini developed Social Dreaming in Italy, and together they created the first two editions of Social Dreaming training. She has designed and directed the first two editions of this training. She has published articles about SD and its applications, taught SD at Universities and hosted SD programs internationally and in a variety of work contexts as a consultant to the organizations.

Susan Long (PhD) was formerly President of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation, now a member of Social Dreaming international Network, and has hosted social dreaming matrices in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, the UK and the USA. She is co-editor with Julian Manley of Social Dreaming: Philosophy, research, theory and practice published in 2019 by Routledge. As Director of Research and PhD Lead at the National Institute for Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA) she conducts research and supervises postgraduate students.