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ECW 2022 online

Febbraio 4 ore 15:00 - Febbraio 5 ore 21:00
ecw 2022

ECW 2022 | 12 years of life | 7th edition-1st online

DURATION: 4th & 5th February 2022 

TIME: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm (CET)

LANGUAGE: English 


Dear Prospective Participant,

you are warmly invited to join this innovative and experimental international Group Relations Conference.

ECW began its journey in 2011 and over the years it has tapped into a line of active enquiry towards expanding the traditional work of a GRC by integrating awareness of energetic resources – personal as well as of the world – of ‘body matter’ as source of knowledge, essential in relation to the developing climate crisis. 

It focuses on wellbeing, on creative collaboration and on interdependence.

This edition will be online, which in itself is a challenge as well as a necessity, given that the online environment has become as much part of our lives as any other geographical/cultural/political context.

In pursuing a mind of enquiry, ECW has opted for a different approach to payment based on trust, generosity and awareness. 

The aim is to practice humanity and inclusive communities.

250 euro fee would cover the cost of the conference; the suggestion is for each participant to contribute what is affordable for them as well as considering their support to others.

We are very much looking forward to working together,

Franca Fubini and Luca Mingarelli(co-directors) with Anabel Navarro and Sara Scrimieri (co-administrators); Maria Pia Conte, Tim Jones, Jack Lampl (consultants)

Please feel free to contact us at :

ECW ONLINE 2021 Brochure


Fixed price to registration: 250 € (iva inclusa)

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The primary task of this conference is to offer participants the opportunity to explore how awareness of resources, energy and creative collaboration can introduce wellbeing in the organizations to which they belong. The challenge of the work is to extend the field of attention to the unconscious as it manifests itself by observing the languages of bodies in space, of energy fields, of nature, of context and patterns that connect the parts. 

Learning is facilitated by accessing individual and group energy and through awareness of the relationships that develop. ECW relates to social context/culture and to nature and the human place within nature. What is nature telling us, what are we telling nature and can the dialogue of human and non-human nature bring blossoming for both? In present times of climate change, pandemic and deep global crisis these fundamental relationships ask for our attention; they will be a focus for the conference. 


The conference is open to anyone, from all walks of life, who is interested in understanding groups, organizational dimensions and the evolutionary level found in the social contexts in which we live. Specifically it is directed at those who would like to sustain existing resources in a better and ecological way and to bring new thoughts and wellbeing into the organizations where they operate. 

ECW is a work in progress and a fertile field of research in the field of Group Relations Conferences: we recommend, if you have already participated, to join the first online edition to deepen learning and develop the ability to apply it in the context of your life.


The design of the online conference incorporates traditional events of Group Relations Conferences alongside specific events that explore the language of the arts and of the moving body in space, such as Vocabulary of Movement, Sound Lines, and Dreams Move. The conference series emerge from an evolving organization shaped by the collaboration of the participants and of the staff. Learning is experiential and based on the study of the here and now. 


  • The role of the body is vastly under utilized in conferences here in the U.S. and I was so happy to be able to bring all parts of me to the conference and very much appreciated the evolution from the first ECW. The movement event at this conference was revelatory… While brief non-traditional explorations (art, movement. music etc.) can be very helpful to introduce some element of play into conferences and provide a creative entry into the unconscious, I don’t think that the whole person and system is accessed as completely as was the case in ECW. JL 
  • 2019 It has contributed to reflect on human nature and the different behaviours people display around work and leadership… I understood better the mind body connections, which are often neglected. AN 
  • 2019 Being able to see oneself reflected in the other, feeling the critical issues and conflicts within the group they belong to and in the other groups has been a reason for growth for me SC 2019 

Click the link below, to see a short video about prior ECW events 



Franca Fubini, Co-director Psychotherapist, group analyst and consultant organization; staff member of Group International Relations Conferences; Amerta movement teacher; co-founder of the association, chair of Social Dreaming International Network and vice president of Il Nodo Group, member of OPUS and of ISPSO. 

Luca Mingarelli, Co-director Social entrepreneur, psychologist, president Rosa dei Venti onlus, Director of Therapeutic Community for adolescents, Consultant of Organizations. Treasurer of Il NODO Group. OPUS member. Creator and Co-director of events Innovative GR: “Energy, creative collaboration and well-being in organizations” and “Learning from Action”. National basketball coach. Registered in the Order of Journalists 


Sara Scrimieri, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Aippi – Italian Association of psychoanalytic child psychotherapy – Associate Member, Psifia – Psychotherapists for the family, childhood and adolescence – Vice President and Treasurer, forensic consultant 

Anabel Navarro, Professional Development Manager, London, UK. BA (Hons) Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. BA (First Class Hons) Modern Languages, The Open University, London, UK. Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Institute of Education, University College London, UK. Classical Greek Language and Literature; Latin Literature and Language philology studies, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Teacher of Languages, Qualified Teacher Status, UK 


Tim Jones, storyteller and voice artist through The Nature of Sound, offers a programme of voice/movement education and performance: Amerta movement practitioner and teacher: ‘The Body of the Therapist’ , a training for application within clinical contexts is in development in collaboration with the Pescara CSPP. 

Jack Lampl, Organizational Consultant, Credentialed Mediator, Visual Artist , Past President and Fellow A K. Rice Institute, Board member San Diego Psychoanalytic Center, Past President Threshold Foundation, Founder of Subjective Technologies Inc. a too early stage virtual reality startup

Maria Pia Conte, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, member of Italian Psychoanalytic Society and of International Psychoanalytical Association, guest member of the British Psychoanalytic Society. Member of Il NODO Group, Torino and OPUS, London.


ECW is a field of exploration for new thinking which can foster a sustainable approach to the available resources. The same mindset is reflected in the approach to the finances of the conference.

‘Trust and Generosity’: the fee is 250 euros

The suggestion is for each member to contribute what is affordable for them as well as considering their support to others. This choice reflects the  spirit of ECW’s innovative approach: trusting in the power of nature and the group itself, as sustanable resources to address the pandemic.


The Secretariat and the Management will be happy to answer your requests for information at:


Febbraio 4 ore 15:00
Febbraio 5 ore 21:00
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