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ALI 2022 | 24th International GRC | Palermo

8 September 2022 ore 11:00 - 11 September 2022 ore 17:00

 Il Nodo Group, with the sponsorship of OFEK and The Tavistock Institute, presents:

ALI 2022 _Regenerative Authority, Leadership and Followership


24th International Group Relations Conference in Italy

CODIRECTORS Luca Mingarelli, Antonio Samà

ADMINISTRATORS Elena Pini (IT), Lili Valko (HU)

A Group for those who participate in a Group Relations Conference for the first time

B Group for those who have already participated in at least one Conference

T Group for those who have already participated in at least two Conferences. 10 participants only

ALI 2022 brochure eng



What is a Group Relation Conference

The Conference is a temporary organization with the aim of exploring and learning from experiencing conscious and unconscious processes as they manifest in the “here-and-now”, when authority, leadership and followership are exercised. The intention is to generate new thoughts and new learning and to review our knowledge and values; we have the opportunity to experience ourselves in multiple and different roles. Assistance is provided for an actual and sustainable change in interpreting the different roles in one’s organization and in life, particularly the roles that require an exercise of authority and leadership.

Primary task

Learning, from the experience of taking up roles in a temporary organisation, the conscious and unconscious dynamics of authority, leadership and followership when restarting from the vortices

For the fifth time the focus is the Mediterranean, as shared matrix of many countries and cultures, as a gathering place or container of many of the individual, group and societal dynamics that we can observe today in the life of organisations, businesses, cultures, in societies and in the relations among countries.


The organization of the Conference and the activities proposed to participants generate an experiential learning. This means learning from its own live experience of group and organizational processes, which promotes self-reflective skills and encourages a spirit of inquiry. Participants, along with the staff, can critically examine different experiences, working behaviours and interpreting the roles of leaders or followers.

This type of training has no therapeutic intent and can sometimes be stressful. For this reason, it is recommended to people at a time of emotional stress or difficulty in their personal lives to postpone their participation to next edition.

Who may benefit and why

Taking part in a Group Relations Conference can be particularly useful for those who work in companies, SMEs, family business, civil sector services and not-for-profit, third and fourth sector organizations, for those who are interested in understanding and managing organizations and group dynamics within complex situations and want to enhance their competence and effectiveness in dealing with them.

All organizational processes include an emotional, irrational, and unconscious dimension. When this component is not recognized and managed, the system’s effectiveness and resilience decrease or comes to a halt, therefore implying both an emotional and financial cost for the organization itself.

Participation in the Conference allows you to observe, recognize and manage this dimension, essential for the functioning of each system and organization.

For this reason the Conference can be particularly effective when two or more members from the same organization register, especially in the case or prospect of prominent changes, crises, mergers, takes-overs, etc.

Therefore, if more people from the same organization participate, each will benefit from a discount.

Structure of the Group Relations Conference

A GROUP for those attending a Group Relations Conference for the first time

B GROUP for those who have attended at least one Group Relations Conference

TRAINING GROUP for those who have attended at least two Group Relations Conferences. 10 participants only

This edition includes up to a maximum of 10 places reserved for the Training Group (TG): a pathway that helps understanding the processes that develop in the GRC and to deepen one’s competence in knowing how to recognise and manage them.

The TG is aimed to who has already attended at the least two GRC and who is interested to further develop this type of learning and to then apply it in one’s professional life.

A specific programme for the TG is designed that combines the experience with space for reflecting on the experience.


The Conference is bilingual, Italian participants are required to have some knowledge of English; the translation of some parts of the Conference would be made available using the resources available in the system both among the staff and the participants in a spirit of collaboration, focus will be given to the learning of the language of the unconscious, of the emotions and of the non- verbal.

It will not be easy, however based on experience we can confirm that not always rationally understanding the literal translation has helped the experience learning in the Conference.



Luca Mingarelli: chairman Foundation Rosa dei Venti. Social entrepreneur, Psychotherapist . Director of Therapeutic Community for adolescents, Organizations consultant. Faculty of Psychosomatics. Associate President Il NODO Group. OPUS member. Creator and co- director of innovative GR events such as “ECW” and “LfA”. Basketball coach. Member of the Order of Journalists. Ambassador of Terzo Paradiso – Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Antonio Samà: university acedemic and organizational consultant. He is a Professional Partner of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. His interests include the role of systemic psychodynamics in university education, action research and complexity and the processes of change in the third sector. He holds roles in Italian and British universities


Elena Pini: MD, specialist in psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Medical Director at the Department of Mental Health and Addiction of the ASST Nord Milano and manager of the Double-Diagnosis Area projects. Member of the Board of Mito&Realtà and staff member of innovative Group Relations such as Learning from Action.

Lili Valkó: a clinical psychologist, group analyst psychotherapist from Budapest, Hungary. She has been a colleauge of the therapeutic community of Thalassa Ház since 2007 in varoius forms from a university student volunteer to taking up leading roles. She is an editor of the Hungarian psychotherapist journal “Pszichoterápia” and an active member of CSAKIT (the Hungarian group analysis association). She has been in the staff of LFA in 2016, 2017 and 2019, and in the staff of PCCA in 2018.


Gilad Ovadia: psychoanalyst at the Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, a senior clinical psychologist, and a consultant and supervisory educational psychologist. Clinically he works with children, adolescents, adults and couples. Has worked in the community mental health clinic in the peripheral region of Eilot, including over ten years leading the service. As a consultant in systemic-psychoanalysis approach, he has been involved with various entrepreneurs, and with therapeutic organisations offering therapy to individuals and communities. Gilad took part seven times in LFA, five times as a staff member. He is a member of OFEK and is passionate about gardening, nature, and art.

Risto Puutio, PhD, Organizational Analyst and Organizational Psychologist, a trainer in the field of organizational consultancy and supervision at the Metanoia Institute in Finland. He runs Social Dreaming seminars and has a staff member role in Group Relation conferences in Finland. In his private supervisory professional practice he works mainly with health care organizations. He is associated with a research team at the University of Jyväskylä. He has published in Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Organizational Change Manangement and Reflective Practice. He is editoral Board Member at Organizational & Social Dynamics and member at ISPSO.

Rossella Torretta: clinical and community psychologist. Psychotherapist. SIPRe psychoanalyst and supervisor. Il Nodo Group, SIPRe and IFPS associated. Expert in group psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychodrama. Trainer and group conductor. She studies group interactions with their dynamics and the roles taken by subjects within organizations and institutional realities. Supervisor in migrant mother-infants’ communities.

Biancarosa Volpe: psychotherapist psychologist, past chair of UOC of Hospital Psychology in the University Hospital of Padua, adjunct professor for about 30 years at the Department of General Psychology and at the specialization school in Cardiovascular Apparatus diseases of University in Padua. High formation school in Social dreaming. Training and counsulting expert on organizational dynamics, in the field of health and social-health services. Member of the Board of Il Nodo Group.

Consultants for the T Group

Franca Fubini: psychotherapist, group analyst, organisational consultant; Staff member and director of Group Relations Conferences; formerly Chair of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation, is now Chair of Social Dreaming International Network and Vice Chair of Il Nodo Group; Amerta Movement teacher; member of OPUS (London) and of ISPSO.

Hüseyin Özdemir: director oezpa Institute, Academy & Consulting, Bornheim Germany. Advisory Board oezpa SWISS, Lucerne. Program Director: Systemic Business Coaching & Organisational Development, oezpa. Former Academic Dean Human Resources Management, Fresenius University. Visiting Professor. Former Director Digital Transformation & Leadership, University of Science, UdK, Berlin. Cooperating Partner of the International Coach Federation/ICF. Senior Coach & Member of `Council of Experts ́ of DBVC/German Association of Coaching. Former Board Consultant for Leadership Organisation of Bayer. Director Group Relations Conferences at oezpa. Cooperating Partner Tavistock Institute.


The conference starts on Thursday 8th September, at 11 am and ends on Sunday 11th September, at 5 pm. Checkin and Registration: from 10:00 am to 10:50 am on Thursday. Participants are expected to attend the whole programme of the conference, which is residential.


The fee includes participation at the Conference plus full board and lodging in a single room.

To facilitate the participation of young people, internationals, members of public and private organizations, subjects from Mediterranean and / or Balkan areas, it was decided to keep the participation fee unchanged until 21/08/2022

Group A / B: 1300 € + VAT
Training Group: € 1900 + VAT

reduction of € 100 for Members of Il Nodo Group, partner organizations and for simultaneous registration of 2 or more participants from the same organization.

Special discounts are possible ON REQUEST by writing to: ali@ilnodogroup.it

Some double rooms are available for participants upon request by reporting it at the time of registration to ali@ilnodogroup.it with a reduction of 60 euros per person.

Some triple rooms are available for participants upon request by reporting it at the time of registration to ali@ilnodogroup.it with a reduction of 90 euros per person.

Policy of Cancellation

The paid booking fee is refundable (minus administrative and management costs) only in the event of cancellation of the event and/or impediments to participation due to COVID-19 restrictions and/or international travel regulations.

How to reach the hotel

The hotel “Perla del Golfo” is located in the village of Terrasini which is 20 km (20 minutes by car) from the Punta Raisi airport of Palermo. Individual or collective transfers from/to the airport can be arranged.





8 September 2022 ore 11:00
11 September 2022 ore 17:00
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Hotel Perla del Golfo, Terrasini (Palermo)
Via Omero – Contrada Paterna
Terrasini (Palermo), Italia 90049 Italia