Enquiries about joining the association should be directed to the Membership Officer at the following email address: soci@ilnodogroup.it

The Membership Officer will send the candidate an application form – to be endorsed by two ordinary members of the association and submitted to the Board of Directors – and a CV template.  Both forms must be returned to the Membership Officer.  Within two months of receiving the completed documentation, the Membership Officer will advise the candidate of the outcome and, if the application has been successful, will send the new member a Welcome Kit and instructions for paying the annual membership fee.

The aim of the association is to form a network of practitioners with an interest in psychosocial research and consultancy services, as well as in the development of systemic-psychodynamic training methodologies based on group relations and learning through experience.

The Nodo Group coordinates permanent special interest groups in a number of Italian cities and organizes an annual Members Only Day as a forum where its practitioner members and affiliate associations can exchange ideas. Other benefits offered to Members include:

  • reduced rates for events/seminars organized by the association,
  • a quarterly newsletter with key updates on the association’s events and activities.

Within the Nodo Group, special interest groups have been set up by members and supporters to explore specific themes or engage in “intervision”-style activities: thematic groups approach their topics of interest from a systemic-psychodynamic perspective; intervision groups jointly examine organizational case studies via a variety of methodologies, and tend to be locally based so as to facilitate in-person meetings.

Of course! We are always delighted to facilitate new special interest groups and are committed to examining members’ proposals, which should be sent by email to the Special Interest Group Officer, Giada Boldetti: giada.boldetti@gmail.com

You should inform our administration service provider, Agenzia Mosaico at: segreteria@ilnodogroup.it , while also copying your email to the Membership Officer: soci@ilnodogroup.it

As laid down in the Charter, the membership fee (€120 for a private individual; €60 for a private individual under 35; €120 for organizations and groups, including the right for up to two people to take part in Nodo Group events) must be paid by 31 March each year. Payment should be made by bank transfer to: Il Nodo Group Impresa Sociale IBAN IT 92 S 02008 01058 000040951624 Payment reference: Surname_Name_memberbship_fee_Year X
Fully paid-up members are entitled to attend the association’s annual general meeting.