Davide Catullo, Gaia Del Negro, Elisa Gola, others on rotation


Presentation of one/two cases

Meeting format

Online (during the COVID-19 health emergency),
In person at Daniela Zamboni’s office in viale Suzzani in Milan (MM Bicocca).

Frequency of meetings

monthly, midweek
21.00 (duration 1 hour 45 min)

Year of founding


Area of study and objectives:

Analysis of the organizational dynamics at work in individual case studies presented by the participants, based on the learning acquired by members at GRCs, and, more generally, on psychoanalytic and systemic approaches to analysing group dynamics and the functioning of systems.

Reflexivity (does the group also reflect on its own functioning?):

Yes, the group explores and works on its own dynamics at the beginning and end of each meeting.


The group has experimented with different methods of presenting, discussing, and giving feedback on cases, including the use of both written texts and drawings. The most recent format, since the group provisionally moved online, consists of one/two case presentations. The group also makes use of a dedicated WhatsApp group to communicate the dates of the meetings and flag other activities organized by the Nodo Group.

Participants (members and non-members):

Germano Alberti, Stefania Borghetti, Louisa Diana Brunner, Davide Catullo, Gaia Del Negro, Argentina Giusti, Elisa Gola, Leonardo Meneghelli, Daniela Zamboni, Marta Tironi, Alessia Lucci.

Former participants include:  Maria Carmela Abruzzese, Linda Alfieri, Daniela Cabibbe, Attilio Giuliani, Argentina Giusti, Nadia Panigada, Elena Pini, Valentina Stirone, Riccardo Strada, Ilaria Cordella…

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Last updated: March 2021