Vittorio Annoni


Themed readings in preparation for live meetings based on dialogue and the sharing of experience

Meeting format


Frequency of meetings

Every third Monday of the month from 21.00 to 22.00

Year of founding


Area of study and objectives:

The group’s focus of inquiry spans: the psychodynamics of economic behaviour and financial markets, with a particular interest in behavioural economics, learning about risk, and decision-making under conditions of uncertainty; psychoanalytical analysis of the concept and historical implications of money.

Reflexivity (does the group also reflect on its own functioning?):

For the time being, the group is driven by the participants’ personal interest in the topic.


Fabio Benini, Laura Ravaioli, Luca Mingarelli, Paolo Citron, Susanna Bertini, Vittorio Annoni, Vittorio Ferioli

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Last updated: March 2021