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LFA 2023

20 October 2023 ore 13:00 - 22 October 2023 ore 15:30
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13th international Working Conference

20-22 October 2023
Casa del Sacro Cuore, Possagno (TV)

Within this special training context, the main learning objective of the conference is to enhance the participants’ understanding of conscious and unconscious dynamics affecting Decision- Making processes both at an individual and at a group level, along with their organizational and institutional implications.
Individual members will have a chance to explore their own role and the way they operate within and on behalf of the whole system (the temporary learning organization), reflecting on nonverbal and unconscious communication. Consequently they will be encouraged to take responsibility for their contribution whilst taking part in the daily life and relationships within the community.

This working conference will create an opportunity for a direct experience of the different elements that come into play when making decisions, and will stimulate reflection on what might constitute a democratic practice and an environmentally sustainable use of available resources in a healthy institution.

Sponsorship: Mito & Realtà

in this edition will be activated the Training Group
Registration is extended until October 5, 2023.




E-mail: lfa@ilnodogroup.it
Cell. +393471323483

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Brochure (pdf)

Primary task

The primary task of LFA2023 is to learn from the experience of exploring how unconscious and nonverbal communication and group dynamics shape Decision-Making processes and influences accountability and other aspects of living and working together.


Lfa is aimed at developing fundamental competences for all those who work in residential or semi residential institutions, and more generally in mental health institutions. Such competences are highly valuable for a wide range of professionals such as educators, nurses, assistants, administrators, managers, consultants, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, social workers, carers, etc. However, as has already been successfully experienced in the past editions, professionals working in other areas, like the section of profit and corporate worlds, are also most welcome to join the conference.


The Working Conference will seek to bring out, from directly lived experience, the components involved in decision-making, through reflection on what possible democratic practices and ecological use of present resources characterize and promote the health of the institution.


LFA 2023 will start on Friday 20th october 2023 at 13:00 (registration and snack 11:45– 12:45)
The T Group’s program will start on Thursday 19th october 2023 at 19:30 (registration at 19:00).

Friday 20th October
11,45-12,45 Registrazione dei partecipanti e spuntino / registration and snack
13,00-14,00 Riunione Plenaria di apertura / Opening plenary
14,00-14,30 Pausa / Break
14,30-16,00 Riunione decisionale plenaria / Decision-making plenary
16,00-16,30 Pausa / Break
16,30-17,15 Gruppi decisionali 1 / Decision-making groups 1
17,15-18,45 Attività 1 / Activities 1
18,45-19,00 Pausa / Break
19,00-20,00 Riunione di comunità della sera 1 / Evening community meeting 1
20,00-20,15 Pausa / Break
20,15-21,45 Cena / Dinner
21,45-22,15 Tempo libero comunitario 1 / Community free time 1

Saturday 21th October
08,00-09,00 Colazione / Breakfast
09,00-10,00 Riunione di comunità del mattino 1 / Morning community meeting 1
10,00-10,30 Pausa / Break
10,30-11,00 Gruppi decisionali 2 / Decision-making groups 2
11,00-12,30 Attività 2 / Activities 2
12,30-14,00 Pranzo / Lunch
14,00-14,30 Tempo libero comunitario 2 / Community free time 2
14,30-14,45 Pausa / Break
14,45-15,15 Gruppi decisionali 3 / Decision-making groups 3
15,15-15,30 Pausa / Break
15,30-16,45 Gruppi di revisione / Rewiew groups
16,45-17,15 Pausa / Break
17,15-18,45 Attività 3 / Activities 3
18,45-19,00 Pausa / Break
19,00-20,00 Riunione di comunità della sera 2 / Evening community meeting 2
20,00-20,15 Pausa / Break
20,15-21,45 Cena / Dinner
21,45-22,15 Tempo libero comunitario 3 / Community free time 3

Sunday 22th October
07,00-08,00 Colazione / Breakfast
08,00-09,00 Riunione di comunità del mattino 2 / Morning community meeting 2
09,00-09,15 Pausa / Break
09,15-09,45 Gruppi decisionali / Decision-making groups 4
09,45-11,30 Gruppi di Applicazione / Application groups
11,35-12,45 Attività 4 / Activities 4
12,45-13,45 Pranzo / Lunch
13,45-14,15 Lavaggio piatti & pulizie conclusive / Washing up & cleaning
14,15-15,15 Riunione plenaria conclusiva / Closing plenary
15,15-15,30 Commiato / Leave taking (tempo libero comunitario 4 / Community free time 4)

Any changes to this programme will be decided according to Staff needs and shared with partecipants before and during the Event


Director – Luca Mingarelli
Psychologist, social enterpreneur, founder director and creator of Therapeutic Communities for Adolescents, President of Charity Rosa dei Venti onlus, Past President of Il Nodo Group, Board member Mito&Realtà Scientifi c Association , Director of The National Network Therapeutic Community for Adolescent, Board member of International Network DemocraticTherapeutic Communities(INDTC), Board Member of The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities(TCTC). Director and Co-Director of LFA since 2011, LFA in Japan (2017 and 2019), of other GRCs in Italy (ALI, ECW) and abroad . Author of many volumes : Diffi cult Adolescents, an autobiography of a TC for adolescents ;Roles in Therapeutic Community – life and care organization- (2018); Learning form Action: Working with the Non -Verbal with R.D.Hinshelwood( Phoenix 2022). Ambassador of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Third Paradise.

Associate Director – Lili Valkó
A clinical psychologist, group analyst psychotherapist from Budapest, Hungary. She has been a colleague of the therapeutic community of Thalassa Ház since 2007 in various forms from a university student volunteer through taking up leading roles to being a conductor of a tc training. She is an editor of the Hungarian psychotherapist journal “Pszichoterápia” and an active member of CSAKIT (the Hungarian group analysis association). She has been in the staff of LFA in 2016, 2017 and 2019,in the staff of PCCA in 2018 and in the staff of ALI 2022.

Administrator – Stefano Rambelli
Psychologist, Founding Partner and Connessioni Director of Generazioni s.c.s ONLUS. As a member of Generazioni, since many year, he plane and organize therapeuthic community for insane people even crime authority Supervisor and trainer for equipe. Trainer and consultant for organization and institution Profi t and No-Profi t . Member of the Board and Treasurer of Nodo Group.

Administrator in training – Marinella Roncalli
Educator, for some years she has played the role of educator and coordinator in therapeutic communities. Since 2010 she has been involved in the organization and management of human resources for Coop le Vele Onlus. Since 2016 she has assumed the role of Chief Operating Offi cer and President. She has participated in two LFA editions: 2018 and 2021.


Davide Catullo
Organizational psychologist and psychotherapist. He works in a community for young adults with dual diagnosis (CeAS Milano) and is the manager of a psychotherapy center for developmental age. He has also been a consultant for several organizations in the fi eld of training and development (in healthcare and corporate contexts).
He was a member and professor of psychotherapy at the Institute of Group Psychoanalysis and at the Psychoanalytic Research Center on Groups. He is a member of the CS of the Mito e Realtà association for the study of therapeutic communities and a member of the Nodo Group (referee of the Milanese group of intervision on organizational cases).

Mazal Menahem
Rehabilitation psychologist – supervisor, Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology, EMDR Diploma and supervisor. Working in the community mental health center of Hevel Eilot in South Israel, previously as a manager. From 2006 to 2020, national director of trauma therapy and resilience development in the Israeli Ministry of education. Since 2006 co-director for national psychotherapy programs for children at risk. Teaching educational psychologists a psychoanalytical systems approach for intervention in school. Kibbutz Samar member.

Giada Boldetti
Giada Boldetti is an experienced physician, psychiatrist and freelance, having worked more than 35 years in public health. Since 2000 she has been responsible of psychiatric residential rehabilitation in TCs in Padua. From 2014 to 2016 she has been deputy director of Mental Service in Padua. She has been part of many GRCs both as participant and as consultant. She has been director and deputy director in LFA. Member of Il Nodo Group.

Scientifi c Supervisor (not present at the event): R.D. Hinshelwood
Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, former Director of the Cassel Hospital in London. Member of the British Psychoanalytic Society, Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Professor at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK.


LFA 2023 will start on October 20th at 13:00 and will end on October 22th at 15.30
The Group T program begins at 19:30 on Thursday 19 October 2023 We recommend that participants arrive on time on Friday for registration and allocation of rooms between 11.45 and 12.15. Lunch on Friday is not included. A snack will be available using food shared by participant.


Registration is extended until October 5, 2023.

The A group’ s fee for the conference is €658,80 € (Vat included ) in double room and € 732,00
(vat included ) in single room

The T group’ s fee for the conference is € 793,00 € (Vat included) in double room and €866,20 ( vat included)

Request for any additional nights must be submitted to the Administrator

3 Special Fees are available to participant, the deadline is 15th settembre : Special Fees must be requested by mail using this email : lfa@ilnodogroup.it

There will be: a 10% discount for persons from abroad, for the organizations in partnership and for 2 participants from the same association or company, a 20% discount for 3 and more participants from the same organization (it’s possible to use only one kind of discount).

Gruppo I

discount 10% € 592,92 in double room
discount 10% € 658,80 in single room
discount 20% €527,04 in double room
discount 20% €585,60 in single room

Gruppo T

discount 10% € 713,70 in double room
discount 10% € 779,58 in single room
discount 20% €634,40 in double room
discount 20% €692,96 in single room


Administrator : Stefano Rambelli

e-mail: lfa@ilnodogroup.it

phone +393471323483


Possagno is 30 KM far from Bassano: Bassano in the nearest railway station (if required, we’ll be organized a bus service). Possagno is near Treviso Airport -1 hour by car -(Ryanair) and Venice – 1h and a half by car-.

Co-sponsor & Partner

Mito & Realtà
was founded during the preparation of the international convention “La comunità terapeutica tra mito e realtà” (Therapeutic Community between Myth and Reality”, held in Milan in 1996. It includes members of the traditional “historic” community movement (from England, France and Italy) and several operators from the Italian community. Its promoters are psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychodynamic operators, who joined spontaneously to form this association. Its aim is to promote study, research and data collection on the functioning of Therapeutic Communities and professional training for those working within communities that deal with severe psychic distress. At present it includes a network of CTs for both adults and children, carrying out a peer-to-peer assessment called “Visiting”, aimed at constant quality improvement and at a democratic transmission of best practices.Now it’s a Scientifi c Association.
mito realtà


AIRSAM – www.airsam.it

Cooperativa Sociale UTOPIA – Comunità Acquaviva www.cooputopia.it
cooperativa utopia

FENASCOP- www.fenascop.it

Fondazione ROSA DEI VENTI onlus – www.rosadeiventi.org
rosa dei venti

GENERAZIONI società cooperativa sociale ONLUS www.generazioni.eu

INDTC – www.indtc.org

MULBERRY BUSH SCHOOL – https://mulberrybush.org.uk
the mulberry bush

OPUS – www.opus.org.uk

OFEK – http://www.ofek-groups.org

SIRPLo – https://riabilitazionepsicosociale.it (voce : Sezioni regionali)

TCTC – www.therapeuticcommunities.org

Thalassa Haz T.C. – www.thalassahaz.hu

Cooperativa Sociale LE VELE Onlus – www.levelemilano.it
le vele

The Network of Therapeutic Communities in Japan – www.reflective-tc.jimdofree.com Metanoia Instituutti – https://www.metanoiainstituutti.fi
the network therapic communities jp

International Network of Democratic Therapeutic Communities – www.indtc.org

China American Society of Studying Group and Organization (Cassgo)


20 October 2023 ore 13:00
22 October 2023 ore 15:30
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Casa del Sacro Cuore
via Draga 1
Possagno, Treviso 31054 Italia