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ECW 2024 – Group Relations Conference

June 7 ore 12:30 - June 9 ore 14:00

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ECW 2024 – Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing Group Relations Conference

15th edition

June 7 to 9, 2024  – Casa Raggio di sole, Pasturo (LC)

Early bird until May 15, 2024

Over the past 15 years, the Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing (ECW) conferences have developed a design that incorporates events from classic Group Relations together with a somatic understanding of the body in motion and awareness of the environment in which life takes place – an ecological approach that also invites participation through the senses.
The unifying principle of these original and unique Conferences is mens sana in corpore sano (healthy mind in healthy body). ECW proposes that, through the awareness of the body and its needs, it is possible and healthy to connect with the earth and its resources, being aware of the interdependence between all its parts.

Today more than ever, in a post-pandemic world, with wars and climate crisis, it is essential to rediscover the dimension of the body, the relationship with nature, which is a free resource.

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Info: ecw@ilnodogroup.it




DIG- Deepening Integration Group- only 4 places
Deepening Learning Group


The primary task of this conference is to explore how awareness of resources, energy and creative collaboration can introduce well-being into life and work.


The conference is for those from diverse walks of life who are interested in understanding groups, organisational dimensions, and evolutionary levels present in the social contexts of our personal and professional lives. In particular, it is aimed at those who want to make the best and most sustainable use of existing resources and bring new thinking and well-being into their lives and the organisations in which they work. The experiences proposed during the conference allow participants will experience and reflect on these issues and the possibility of creatively collaborating on a common task, in the different roles of leader and follower.

This edition of ECW includes up to four places reserved for the DIG: an in-depth path that helps to understand the conscious and unconscious processes and dynamics that develop in the GRC and to deepen one’s ability to recognise and manage them. The DIG is aimed at those who have already attended at least one, preferably two GRCs and are interested in further developing this type of learning and then applying it in their professional life.


The conference is a temporary organization shaped by the collaboration of the participants and of the staff. Residence is required: it is part of the learning. This method requires self-reflection and encourages a free spirit of action-research and thinking. The tradition of Group Relations Conferences, born out of the encounter between psychoanalysis and systems thinking, has led to the development of extraordinary ideas and insights concerning unconscious collective thoughts, images, emotions, anxieties, defences and the impact these have on the system’s ability to ‘stick to the task’. ECW proposes a Group Relation Conference where its methodology, practised internationally for more than 75 years, is developed through an integrated approach to the individual and their dynamic and sustainable relationships with their life, the organisation where he/she works and the environment. Authority, leadership, role and organisation – the traditional focus of a Group Relation Conference – will be studied within this broader perspective. This ECW edition entails a Hospitality Group. In ancient times, hospitality was considered sacred. The ostis, that is, both the host and the guest, represented the possibility of meeting the stranger that is in every human being. The Hospitality Group has the task of taking care of hospitality for the ECW 2024 members (well-being food, arrivals, departures, home).


The working conference design presents the traditional events of Group Relations Conferences such as plenaries, large group, social dreaming matrix, institutional event, review and application groups, with specific events that explore the language of the arts, the moving body in space, and the voice. It is possible to request the conference programme.

Working Conference
Begin: 12.30 pm of Friday 7 June 2024
End: 2.00 pm di Sunday 9 June 2024
REGISTRATION: from 11.30 am to 12.15 pm of Friday 7 June 2024.

DIG – Deepening Integration Group
Begin: 7.00 pm of Thursday 6 June 2024
End: 2.00 pm of Sunday 9 June 2024.
REGISTRATION: from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm of Thursday 6 June 2024.


Luca Mingarelli – Director
Chairman Foundation Rosa dei Venti. Social entrepreneur, Psychotherapist (ECP, WCP). Director of Therapeutic Community for adolescents, Organizations consultant. Faculty of Psychosomatics. Past president of Il NODO Group. OPUS member. Creator and co-director of innovative GR events such as “ECW” and “Learning From Action”. Basketball coach, member of the Order of Journalists, Ambassador of the Third Paradise by Michelangelo Pistoletto

Rachel Kelly – Associate Director
Group Relations and Organisational Development Consultant at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and has extensive experience of Leicester conferences and international Group Relations conferences. She is interested in exploring relatedness by studying the unconscious and conscious awareness through journeys into embodiment, sensation, perception, the imagination, mind/body/spirit and oneness.

Marco Valerio – Administrator / Consultant
Scientific researcher on the placebo effect, organizational consultant, manager of projects supporting small and medium enterprises in the African continent, meditation teacher and physiotherapist. Marco administered the last online and in-person editions of ECW and has been involved in group relations conferences in Europe, Asia, and Australia. He is passionate about the unfolding of body-mind connections.

Stefano Rambelli – Hospitality Group Coordinator I Pre-Conference Assoc. Admin. I RAG Consultant
Psychologist, Founding Partner and Connessioni Director of Generazioni s.c.s. ONLUS. As a member of Generazioni, he has designed and organised terapeuthic communities for patients with mental suffering, including offenders. Stefano is the current Tresaurer of Il Nodo Group.

Hanna Fisher – Consultant
Hanna was born in Italy to a mixed heritage family. She specialised in clinical psychology with a thesis on the body-mind connection and in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Tavistock Centre, London. She currently works in the United Kingdom as a child and adult psychotherapist and supervisor for children and adults. She is co founder of Wild Thoughts, an innovative organisational consultancy practice focusing on wellbeing and sustainability in org. and social change.

Isabella Colombi – Consultant
Graduated in Biological sciences, she attended the school of the Italian Analytical Group Society. Counselor in the field of work and personal well-being (Assocounseling), currently a training operator of Biodanza, Human Resources Director at a company in the Health sector. Member of the Cooperativa Sociale Solidare and Il Nodo Group.

Emanuela Sbaraglia – Hospitality Group
Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. Founding member of the Generazioni Cooperative. She carries out consultancy and psychotherapy activities in her own practice.

Emanuela Belsito – Hospitality Group
Psychologist, Psychotherapist Member and Personnel Care Representative at Generazioni Cooperative. She takes care of staff recruitment, selection, and well-being.


EARLY BIRD (Before May 5)

– BASIC FEE €560 + VAT (22%) = €683.20
– REDUCED FEE * €490 + VAT (22%) = €597.80
– DEEPENING INTEGRATION GROUP €630 + VAT (22%) = €768.60

REGULAR (After May 5)

– BASIC FEE €660 + VAT (22%) = €805.20
– REDUCED FEE * €590 + VAT (22%) = €719.80

* Reduced fee: – for members of a sponsor organisation – for groups of at least 2 people who register together

The price includes overnight stays and full board from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June 2024.

The booking fee paid is refundable (net of administrative and management costs) only in the event of cancellation of the event and/or impediments to participation due to international travel regulations. If unable to attend, registered attendees may redirect their fees to a future Il Nodo event, provided they notify conference administrators before Monday, May 27, 2024.



How to reach the site

The location is relatively close to the airports of Bergamo Orio al Serio (50 km), Linate (70 km) and Malpensa (90 km) and can be reached from these in 1-1.15 hours by car. The nearest train station is Lecco.

Pasturo, located in the Valsassina valley, is a quiet village about 600 metres above sea level in the province of Lecco. It is located about 60 km northeast of Milan and 11 km north of Lecco, and is surrounded by mountains that offer clean air and a serene environment. The village is known for its natural beauty and is mentioned in Alessandro Manzoni’s novel ‘I Promessi Sposi’ (The Betrothed) as the birthplace of Agnese, the mother of the female protagonist Lucia.

Casa Raggio di Sole is a facility that welcomes groups wishing to spend time in a quiet and welcoming environment. The facility is equipped with single and double rooms, accessible also for people with disabilities, and offers a warm, comfortable and elegant environment and a pleasant natural setting for moments of introspection and reflection.

Partners (in collaboration with)

ACANTO association for the study of group dynamics, federated COIRAG, has been operating for over twenty years in the Ligurian territory. The association, through its members, carries out an activity of continuous training, advice and research related to the functioning groups, both in the therapeutic and institutional field.

A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems (AKRI) is the non-profit training organization for Group Relations in the USA. The educational mission of the Institute is to study how unconscious thoughts and feelings have a significant impact on our lives when we are in groups: from the family to the workplace to the nation. www.akriceinstitute.org

CASSGO is a vibrant, thriving, engaged group relations organization in China and U.S. exploring group relations learning in China, U.S. and across the globe. CASSGO was established in 2019 in Chicago, based on the work that Jeffrey Roth, Seth Harikins Winnie Fei, and Xiaohua Lu did in China from 2014, under the support of DGCGT, CAMH (Division of Group Counseling and Group Therapy, Chinese Association of Mental Health) under professor Fumin Fan’s direction, together with lots of colleagues from China and abroad. The purpose of CASSGO is to further the development and application of the principles of Group Relations in the Tavistock tradition through educational and consultative activities, research, and scholarship regarding the dynamics of groups, organizations, and social systems.

COIRAG ETS – Confederation of Italian Organizations for Analytical Research on Groups was Founded in 1982 and in 2022 became the Agency of Third Sector. The Association aims to contribute to the research, training and promotion of clinical and institutional practice in the field of psychotherapy and psychoanalytic orientation and in particular Group analysis, Psychoanlityc Pscychodama, Psychosocianalysis. The nine Federated Associations that make up Coirag contribute to the School of Specialization in Psychoterapy, founded in 1993 and recognized by the MIUR, to the publication of the magazine “Gruppi” to the organizaion of scientific and cultural activities and projects of intervention through the territorial centers of Coirag.

Escuela de Artes y de Culturas Amazónicas
Escuela de Artes y de Culturas Amazónicas is a space for reflection and concrete actions to better understand the Amazonian cultures and societies of Peru. The Association has three pillars: artistic education, research and literary dissemination. www.revistaamazonicasentidos.com

Generazioni società cooperativa sociale ONLUS
Generazioni società cooperativa sociale ONLUS was established in 1999. Since its foundation Generazioni s.c.s. ONLUS thinks, builds and organises places of care for people with psychological and existential suffering, including offenders. It also provides counselling, supervision and training to other therapeutic communities, companies and institutions.

Group Relations International
Group Relations International is a non-profit organization composed of a group of people passionate about group relations, spirituality and social justice. We believe these three are intimately related. Our mission is to create a better world together. www.grouprelations.org

Group Relations Russia
Group Relations Russia is a young organization formed with the purpose to work on consciousness and relations at all levels of the social systems: individual, group and organizations to create a better space to live.

Intersticia works in the interstice, that space where everything is as yet undetermined, anything is possible, and where creativity and imagination are paramount. Interticia provides the support and resources for a Fellowship of individuals, who share the common vision of caring for our World and all who live in it, and aspire to become Twenty First Century leaders.

Lithuanian Group Relations Society (LGRS)
Lithuanian Group Relations Society (LGRS) was established in 2017. The aim of the LGRS is to expand intensive experiential learning in groups, organizations and communities, based on the method of Group Relations learning from experience and a psychodynamic systemic approach to them. The Society also seeks to spread a culture of reflection and open dialogue in society. LGRS organizes annual Group Relations Conference, seminars, reflection events, reading groups – to study and apply Group Relations method and psychodynamic systemic approach in organizations and communities.

Metanoia Institute Finland
Metanoia Institute Finland is a further training center and learning community for professionals in the fields of human resource development, job supervision, consultation and management. www.metanoia.fi

Mind To Move
Mind to Move is an innovative startup and a university spin-off whose goal is to improve people’s quality of life through behaviour change interventions aimed at reducing risk factors for both physical and mental health. The company operates in the areas of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of chronic noncommunicable diseases through a multidisciplinary approach and the utilization of a proprietary software application. In addition, Mind To Move carries out activities in the domain of marketing and development of innovative products and services for the healthcare sector, such as: online platforms, mobile and/or desktop apps and other web tools. Finally, they are active in the field of integrated scientific research and in the dissemination of knowledge through promoting and organizing events, such as conferences and other initiatives open to the general public. www.mindtomove.it

Ofek – The Israeli Association for the Study of Group and Organizational Processes is a not-for-profit community interest organization founded in 1986 with the objective of studying relations in groups, organizations and society, through the experiential learning methodology of the Tavistock tradition of Group Relations. Ofek holds a yearly international group conference in English, conferences adapted to a theme or organization, Hebrew conferences and scientific meetings and activities. www.ofek-groups.org/en

The Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI)
The Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI) was founded in Teramo 7 June 1925 and was recognized in 1936 as a society of the International Psychoanalytical component (IPA) established in 1910 by Sigmund Freud. Currently SPI is present in almost all the national territory through eleven centers that bring together more than a thousand between psychoanalysts and students who are active in major Italian cities. It aims to train analysts through a training which provides a personal analysis, theoretical and clinical course of five years, and the supervision of clinical cases with an analyst with years of experience. The SPI analysts then follow, during the whole of their working lives, a continuous comparison of clinical and theoretical activities that ensures the progression of their analytical capacity. www.spiweb.it

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, is a not-for-profit social science organization-for-learning, working with challenging issues for the public good: helping people and business / organizations to learn, change and innovate, especially in difficult times. How humans relate to each other and systems, how we grow, how we embrace learning and change, flicker around world history. The Institute has been radically exploring the subject since 1947 in academic, artistic, questioning ways. www.tavinstitute.org


June 7 ore 12:30
June 9 ore 14:00
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Casa Raggio di Sole, Pasturo (LC)
Via Provinciale, 17, 23818 Pasturo LC
Pasturo, Italia