Primary Task

2Il Nodo group’s Primary Task is to promote an exploration and an understanding of conscious and unconscious relational processes in the individuals, the groups, the organisations and society as a whole, as being the tools by which to manage change and to support development and wellbeing.

The Organisation performs its Primary Task through:
1. Study and Research Activities aimed to explore and understand the functioning of relational dynamics in social organisations
2. Events and symposia
3. Training activities

    Within the reference theoretical frame, it operates through its members to promote:
-    Theme Study Groups
-    Supervision Groups
-    Self-training Experiential Groups
-    Theme Small Group Workshops
-    Symposia and Workshops open to the public with Italian or foreign experienced speakers or experts in the fields relevant to the Organisation’s purposes
-    Research Activity to explore and understand the functioning of relational dynamics in social organisations.

These activities are offered either only to its Members or also to the public.  

On behalf of organisations in the public, private and social sectors the Association performs activities of:
-    Consultancy to manage transition processes, innovation and impasse phases (aiming at better understanding and managing tasks and roles), processes of delegation and assumption of responsability, of leadership relations development at different levels of the organisation
-    Work group supervision and consultancy to explore subjective, intersubjective and systemic psychological and relational processes related to the belonging of the individuals to groups and social institutions and to the performance of work activities, paying close attention to interpersonal, intergroup, interinstitutional and intercultural conflicts and to the promotion of organisational wellbeing.
-    Psychodynamic-systemic experiential training to develop professional and emotional skills
-    Role consultancy addressed particularly to the helping professions
-    Systemic-psychodynamic coaching to individuals or groups

Il Nodo group holds ALI (Authority, Leadership and Innovation), the Italian Group Relations Conference, on a yearly basis in Italy in collaboration with The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundations Trust in London and the CESMA in Milan. In the last years it has also organised some of its innovative applications: “Learning From Action” and “Energy, creative collaboration and wellbeing in Organisations”.