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Board of directors (2019 - 2021)

Erica Gay - President - e-mail: lapresidente @

Franca Fubini - Vice Deputy Chairperson - e-mail: franca.fubini @

Psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and organisational consultant. She lived in London for many years where she worked in public institutions and trained at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Counselling, the Institute of Group Analysis, the Tavistock Consultancy Service.
She works clinically and is a consultant to public institutions, profit and non-profit organisations and groups.
In 1994 she fonde, together with some colleagues in Perugia, an association to treat and study psychosis integrating art languages and group psychotherapy.
She facilitated the programme 'Blossoming in Europe' that connected nine European countries through an Exchange of artistic events.
At the beginning of the nineties she met Gordon Lawrence and learned about Social Dreaming; ever since she has been studying and developing this methodology, applying it in a variety of institutional, clinical, trainig and research contexts.
A member of the BOD of the former Social Dreaming Institute (UK) LTD, she is now guarantor of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation.
She is a founding member of ''.
Together with Lilia Baglioni and Gordon Lawrence she held the first Social Dreaming training models in Italy.
She has cooperated with the University of Perugia and the University of Roma; she is Senior Fellow of the University College London.
She is a consultant for (and a member of) Il NODO Group, the Cesma and the Tavistock Institute in London in the “Group Relations” Conferences in Italiy.
OPUS (UK) and ISPSO member.

Luca Mingarelli - Treasurer - e-mail: vicepresidentetesoriere @

Psychologist, psychotherapist (ECP,WCP), specialist in psychiatric rehabilitation (OPL), graduated in Homeopathy at the Libera Università Italiana di Naturopatia Applicata; psychomotor therapist (CNRPP). From 1988 until 1998: founder and chairperson of the Association “Stella Polare” in Milan; director of day centres for children, adolescents and young adults suffering from psychosis and autism. Co-author of research methods in music-therapy. Since 1990 MCE member and consultant: residential training Nature course for teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, environmental workers, artists, actors, in collaboration with Professor Lanciano at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome and with the Research Group on Sky Education. Since 1991: individual interviews with adolescent patients, adults and families. Since 1994: supervision, training and consultancy to public and private profit and non-profit organisations; consultancy for the start-up stage to socio-health facilities nationally. Psychology, Homeopathy and Psychosomatics professor at “Lumen” Libera Università in Piacenza. Since 1998: founder and chairperson of the Association “Rosa dei Venti” Onlus; director of a Therapeutic Community for adolescents with personality disorders (in Casnate con Bernate). Educational Director of the Specialization Course in “Psychiatric Rehabilitation” in partnership with Il NODO group, Mulberry Bush School (UK), Il Porto, ALTERP; training projects planning. Since 1994 BOD member of Fondazione Progetto Arca Onlus. In 2006-07 BOD member of the Association “Amici Scuola Steineriana” Trecallo-Camnago (CO). Since 2010 BOD member of Il NODO Group. He participated in the residential Group Relations Conferences “Authority, Leadership and Innovation” and in the Master Class on Organisational Development (EMSSO) by the Tavistock Consultancy Service, CESMA and Il NODO Group, in the residential Tavistock Forum “Authority, Role and Organisation” and in the International Conference “Authority, Leadership, Identity” in Israel (OFEK). Administrator in the 2009 and 2010 ALI Group Relations Conference. Since 1995: Research-action International Group run by Maud Robart, Haitian artist-pedagogue, since 2004 he has been his assistant as psychologist and psychosomatist, with the participation of psychologists, doctors, artists, perfomers and anthropologist from around the world. Since 1988 he is a researcher on oral tradition singing. He has organised and coordinated courses on Interculture and a research in Senegal with anthropologists and artists.He published the introduction to Arte dell’abitare: canto,corpo,spazio [The art of dwelling: singing, body, space] by M. Conti (Giunti, 1999), a chapter in La nave di Penelope [Penelope’s ship] by F. Lorenzoni (Giunti, 2002). Ha wrote the book Adolescenze difficili: autobiografia di una Comunità Terapeutica [Difficult adolescences: Self-biography of a Therapeutic Community] (Ananke, 2009).

Biancarosa Volpe - e-mail: biancarosa.volpe @

Alessandro Siciliano - email: ale_siciliano2 @