Historical Background

3Il Nodo group was founded in Turin in the early 1990’s as an association of professionals in human sciences interested in psycho-social research and in the development of training methodolgies informed by the “Tavistock Method”, i.e. based on group relations and on learning from experience. Its cultural foundation has its roots in a cooperation between Claudio Caffarena, a sociologist, and Mario Perini, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, who set up the Institutional analysis workshops organised in Turin with the participation of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust Director, Anton Obholzer.

In the first ten years of activity the group carried a number of training and consultancy activities addressed to socio-health workers, educational staff and teachers, local authorities officers, cooperatives administrators, social organisations and non-profit associations in the community. Among the most remarkable projects: the project of consultancy to and the supervision of the services for adolescents in the Municipality of Turin and its hinterland, the cooperation with the IRRSAE Piemonte to train school principals, and the organisation of yearly Courses in Institutional analysis  under the aegis of the Tavistock Institute in London.

In 2000 Il Nodo group was registered as a scientific non-profit association and Mario Perini – a psychoanalyst member of the Italian Association of Psychoanalysis and the IPA (International Psyco-Analityc Association), who had been trained  in Institutional Analysis and in Group Relations Conferences with the Tavistock Institute (Leicester Conference) – became its director, furthering the development of its activities and broadening the range of its interventions.

In 2002-2006 Il Nodo group became a consortium registered as a training B-type agency, recognised and accredited by the Region Piedmont within the social cooperation system (UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification), with accredited offices in Rivoli, Torino, Savigliano, Vercelli and Biella.

In this new configuration – that made it eligible to the European Social Fund and the Regional funding for professional training – besides giving to its member-Cooperatives a variety of training and supervision opportunities, Il Nodo group carried out an intense training activity.

At that time Il Nodo group was a Consortium issued by the National Ligue of Cooperatives and Mutual Aid Associations in the form of a Ltd Cooperative Company  in the training, research and experimentation, planning and consultancy sectors.

The Companies forming the Consortium were:
Consorzio R.I.SO. (Rivoli, TO)
Progest Coop. Soc. a r.l. (Turin)
Chronos Coop. Soc. a r.l. (Rivoli, TO)
Per Aspera Coop. Soc. a r.l. (Vercelli)
DEIK Cultura e Turismo S.Coop. a r.l. (Savigliano, CN)
Anteo Coop. Soc. a r.l. (Biella)

After a few years of work as accredited training agency, carrying out an intense training activity that a number of regular and/or tailor-made services, Il Nodo group chose to favour its original mission as a multi-disciplinary scientific centre, expanding its membership to involve other professionals and people interested in societal issues. It began to draw on the human energy and interdisciplinary and cross competencies that are becoming increasingly essential to explore contemporary reality and to make interventions that provide development, orientation and help.

Since 2007 Il Nodo group has been transformed into a scientific-cultural non-profit organisation that carries out studies and research and offers training and consultancy services in the health and social fields, in the business world, in the educational field, in social cooperation and in the civil service.

For over fifteen years the Association’s professional team have been performing study, research and consultancy activities in human relations as well as in group and organisational dynamics, in cooperation with the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust and the Tavistock Institute  in London and with other national and international scientific institutions.

In the course of the last years Il Nodo group has made a number of training and consultancy projects for public and private organisations and, in particular, has held: workshops and courses on Institutional analysis addressed to executives, managers, trainers and staff members; executive coaching and management consultancy corse; Balint groups for the helping professions; workshops and interventions about organisational development and wellbeing; Social Dreaming; conflict management; communication, safety and work group management.