Leicester Conference

decor17The first Group Relations Conference took place in 1957 in Leicester,  sponsored by the Leicester University and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (London). Ever since the GRCs have been promoted yearly in Leicester and in other countries internationally.
The “Leicester Conferences” are residential Group Relations Conferences lasting two weeks. As they are the oldest, longest and most prestigious Conferences, they constitute the central element of the Group Relations network and the main centre to training consultants and disseminate the method.

The account of the first Conference was published in a book by Eric Trist and Cyril Sofer (Trist & Sofer, 1959). A few years later A.K. Rice published a detailed description of the structure, the organisational culture and the evolution of the early Leicester Conferences called “Leadership experiences” (Rice, 1965), and over two decades later Eric Miller analized in a short paper the "Leicester Model", from its original design to its ensuing developments, and described also its dissemination and various applications (Miller, 1989).