Energy , Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing in organisations

decor21It is a GRC application and was held for the first time in Italy  in 2011.

This Conference is designed according to an interdisciplinary model that integrates the Group Relations Conferences method with other disciplines such as the recent research in the sectors of holism and psychosomatics that address mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and Energy-giving dimensions in the life of individuals and organisations.

Its primary task is to give the participants the opportunity to explore how the awareness about energy resources and creative colloaboration can introduce wellbeing in the organisations one belongs to.
The implicit challenge in the work is to open the field of attention to the unconscious that manifests itself at the level of the matter.
The concepts of interdependence and relatedness are explored; both are essential to every form of systemic thinking. The Conference events facilitate learning through getting in touch with the individual and group energy, the relationship with nature and the body dimension.

The goal of the Conference is also to let the participants become aware about the individual responsibility to explore and create structures that nurture the wellbeing and the vitality of the systems in which we live and of the persons we are in contact with (colleagues, co-workers, clients, family). The current crisis also imposes to social groups and organisations the activation of new creative processes that imply a shift from a perspective of unlimited expansion to that involving an aware use of limited resources.

The Conference has similar characteristics to traditional Group Relations Conferences, such as the residential dimension, learning from experience, some events proposed and some of the focuses explored, that is, the organisational dimension.

However, here the group and organisational dimension is explored not so much in terms of dynamics connected with authority and leadership (always in the background) but through the exploration of the themes of interdependency, collaboration and co-creation.

Besides this dimension, the Conference works on the personal/individual dimension through  the formation of a setting (premises, schedule and events) in which it is possible for the participants to get in contact with their own body, thoughts and the environment and receive wellbeing, creative energy and innovative thoughts.