ALI 2014

IL NODO GROUP Association presents ALI 2014
17th Italian International Group Relations Conference


27th - 30th march 2014
Hotel San Pancrazio, Trescore Balneario (BG)


Director: Vincenzo Villari

Associated Director  Luca Mingarelli
Administrator  Simona Masnata
Associated Administrator  Alfredo Veneziale

Consultants  Franca Fubini, Matilde Hernandez
Associate consultant  Fabio Bordigoni

Staff will be composed of Italian and foreign consultants based on the number of participants.

Primary task

The Primary Task of the Conference  is to explore authority and leadership with a special focus on the issue of interaction between boundaries and creativity and the related dynamics. This process is very powerful in generating unconscious contents, fantasies, and thoughts which will be explored in the “here and now” through the analysis of interpersonal, intra and inter group relationships as they emerge in the temporary organization.


1.000 € + VAT for applications received by February 10, 2014

1.300 € + VAT for applications received after February 10, 2014

The fee includes all accommodation and meals (3 nights).
Discounts are available to applicants from the same organisation.
Partial bursaries are available on request. pdfrequest for a bursary

Applications for the reservation should be accompanied by the booking fee of € 244,00

For more information and registration

Agenzia Mosaico - via San Secondo 31-10128 Torino
Tel: 0039 011 5681238, 0039 011 5684423 Fax: 0039011505421 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hotel info:  http://www.hotelsanpancrazio.it



Il Nodo Group Association is pleased to announce, after the success of the three previous editions, the 4th edition of the GRC application Learning from Action 2014 titled

Learning from Action 2013

Decision Making and Accountability

24th to 26th October 2014
in Maccagno (VA, Italy) at Casa Emmaus

Experiential Group Relation event for Community & Mental Health Service Workers

Enti Partners dell'evento: OPUS UK-Mito&Realtà-Fondazione Rosa dei venti onlus-INDTC International Network Democratic Therapeutic Communities-TCTC(UK)-Mulberry Bush Organization-CNCA-Airsam- Laboratorio di Gruppoanalisi-Fenascop-Thalassa House Comunità Terapeutica (Budapest)


Brief presentation: The experiential style of these “Learning from Action” workshops is a Group Relations event, which is intended to help community staff and carers to explore and study the value of their daily activities as a form of communication. The primary task of this working conference is to offer an opportunity to explore how unconscious and non-verbal communication shapes decision making processes and influences accountability.

Co-director: Luca Mingarelli
Co-director: Giada Boldetti
Logistic and project Administrator: Simona Masnata

Consultants will be chosen among the following:
Gerard Fromm, Ph.D.
John Diamond
Simone Bruschetta

Interpreter: Franco Dorinzi

Scientific Consultant: Robert Hinshelwood

The fee for the conference is € 590 before the 2nd October and € 750 for those subscribing after this date.
For booking and information: Agenzia Mosaico - via San Secondo, 31 - 10128 Torino (Italy)
Tel. +39 011 5681238 / +39 011 5684423 - Fax +39 011 505421 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.