IL NODO GROUP Association and University Milano Bicocca are  pleased to announce: 


 Humanity at risk? Experiences and reflections on contemporary society

1st-2nd February 2019

Università di Milano Bicocca, Villa di Breme Forno (edificio U46), Via Martinelli, 23  Cinisello Balsamo (MI) 

The experience of group membership is part of everyday life, always influencing the psychic life of the individual, their conduct in groups and how they take up the role of citizen in society.

The Large Group invites members to explore and  take into account how their personal experience   and the social context  impact upon the roles they take. 

Since the beginning of last century many studies have investigated the relationship between the individual and the group, to better understand how these dynamics impact on public/private organisations, on small family business, on the schools and in the family. The studies have also explored how the unconscious manifests itself in groups and all social systems. Group Relations Conferences in the Tavistock tradition have developed an experiential methodology  for the understanding  of social phenomena: in consultancy to support organisational functioning, in the therapeutic domain and in the marketing research.

This event offers participants the opportunity to: 

  • Study what happens in a large group 
  • Reflect on the impact of our behaviour on those around us and on the group as a whole
  • Reflect on one’s role as citizen and how it is related to and is a reflection of the preoccupations of contemporary society
  • Use the learning to develop our role of citizenship

The approach is based on learning in the “here and now” from experience as it occurs.  There will be opportunities to reflect on what has happened during the Large Group meetings and of application of the knowledge acquired

The event is open to all those wanting to learn about the conscious and unconscious dynamics that impact and influence large groups.  The enrolment is limited up to 65 particpants.  

Registration is subject to availability of a limited number of participants 


Lead consultan FRANCA FUBINI
Psychotherapist, group analyst and organizational consultant. Senior Fellow University College London. Consultant and director of Group Relations Conferences in Italy and abroad. Vice chair of il Nodo Group, Chair of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation (UK), member of ISPSO and of OPUS (UK)

Administrator  ELISA BERTANA 
Work and Organisational Psychologist. Nodo Group member's and scientific secretary. Academic background in Psychoanalytic Psychoterapy at individual, group and istitutional level (C.O.I.R.A.G). HR consultant and trainer in fields: organizational wellbeing, development and career guidance, outplacement, recruitment.


Organisational and Leadership Consultant, Executive and Career Coach, Family Business Advisor, Researcher. Selection Bocconi School of Management, Milan. Family Firm Institute Mentor. Has been on staff of Group Relations Conferences in Italy and abroad. 

Former clinical director Tavistock Clinic Adult department, and recent Chair BPC. A psychoanalyst in private clinical and organisational consultancy practice. Has directed and been on staff of Group Relations conferences in the UK and internationally.

Full Professor of Clinical Consultancy in Education in the Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Department of Human and Educational Sciences, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy. She is also a Psychoterapist, Counsellor and Supervisor. She participated to a number of Group Relations Conferences in Italy and abroad.

Organisational Consultant and Project Manager, Social Dreaming Host, Balint Group leader and Large Group consultant. Has been on staff of Group Relations Conferences in Italy. Degree in Communication Studies, Master in Human Resources. Member of Il NODO Group and trustee of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation (UK).


Friday  1th February 
from 2.00 pm to 7.30 pm  

Saturday 2nd February 
from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm


EARLY BIRD by 07/01/2019  
€ 195 (VAT included)

REGULAR after 07/01/2019  
€ 250 (VAT included)

 - 10% REDUCTION  

  • on all fees for members from the sponsoring and supporting organisations. 
  • groups from the same organization

Further reductions are available on request. Contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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