Work Method

metodo di lavoroThe theoretical-scientific frame in our work draws on the studies about groups and the ensuing application models from the research and experimentation activity at the Tavistock Institute, known as the Tavistock Method and is based, primarily, on psychoanalytic theory applied to groups and institutional analysis (socio-analysis) as well as the open systems theory.

In the analysis of and the interventions on social processes and organisational dynamics we share the need for an inter-disciplinary approach that strives to open a dialogue – both in theory and practice – with a variety of disciplines that help understand institutions and human work, such as psychoanalysis, social, anthropological and economic sciences, psychology, educational sciences and the theories on business organisation.

In our training, consultancy and research programmes we use different tools and ways that we adjust to different contexts or to the specific needs of our clients but are mainly based on learning from experience. Some of these tools, such as Group Relations Conferences, Listening Post, Social Dreaming, Institutional Observation, Balint Group, Role Consultancy, particularly inform our approach.

Our work method has also, as one of its essential foundations, the group functioning.
To design and implement our programmes we mostly invest in the creation and the maintenance of interprofessional work team, attending in particular to clarity, suitability and sustainability of roles and tasks and paying close attention to the quality of our services and the achievement of sought-after objectives. At the same time we strive to protect the relational climate against the detrimental effects of a criticising and blaming culture and to preserve the willingness to learn from experience and the defence of organisational wellbeing.