3The most congenial approach in our organisation, which we most often apply, is action-research, where the inquiry aims to lay the theoretical and empirical ground to intervente in actual situations and, in turn, our offer of services generates data corroborating the theoretical concepts or gives indications for further research.

The areas of inquiry where we have carried out more thourough explorations are:

-    Group relations and the systemic-psychodynamic paradigm
-    Social applications of psychoanalysis
-    The observation of organisations
-    The functioning of the work group
-    The Social Dreaming method and its applications
-    The Listening Post method and its applications
-    Clinical-organisational supervision and consultancy to institutions
-    Occupational stress and organisational discomfort (especially in the health sector and in the “helping professions”)
-    Care relationships in the socio-health services
-    Relational dynamics in school
-    Executive coaching
-    Emotional management of safety and risk
-    Envy and other toxic emotions in the workplace
-    Normal and pathological adolescence
-    Therapeutic community and residential care projects
-    The role of emotions in economic and financial behaviours

Thanks to its pluriprofessional dimension, our organisation can plan and implement research projects about quite complex issues with multifactorial origin.