2In consultancy we make use of almost all the tools that are used in training, but we recruits them for purposes that are more oriented to organisational diagnosis and change, to the maintenance of insitutional processes and structures, to support executive roles, to promote awareness and emotional-relational competences in operational groups and in the key figures in an organisation.

We promote an approach oriented to a process consultancy aiming to provide the organisation itself with the instruments to formulate a dignosis of the problem and to look for potential solutions.

The requests for consultancy undergo an accurate demand analysis and an exploration of the organisational scenario. Before negotiating with the people in charge of a structured project concerning consultancy or organisational development, it might be necessary to put in place a cycle of Institutional observation sessions or other kinds of intervention with diagnostic purposes.

Consultancy, that can be offered to a top manager, a group of managers, a number of middle managers or one/several teams, is usually translated into: cycles of planned sessions of coaching, counselling or role consultancy, in-house experiential seminars for smaller or bigger staff groups, institutional supervisions to operational groups, Listening Posts (that are exploring groups with the purpose of identifying the deep tendencies in a given social or organisational culture), Social Dreaming matrices and other kinds of intervention.

The consultants are chosen among the Il Nodo group members and external experts according to the required experience and competences, and whenever it is appropriate, they operate as multidisciplinary team in cooperation with the key figures in the client organisation.